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Employment Practices Liability: A necessity for your business

Most business owners work hard to create workplaces where every employee is treated fairly and with respect. Thinking of their employees almost as family, many company leaders are reluctant to consider themselves as potential targets of employment-related complaints or lawsuits.

Unfortunately, this attitude is no longer realistic. Increased sensitivity to workplace etiquette and the media attention given to large jury awards have created workplaces in which lawsuits against employers and managers are increasingly common. Most claims simply allege employment discrimination, sexual harassment, or wrongful termination, but the list of claimed offenses is growing. And even if completely without merit, these actions are expensive to defend.

The most effective way to protect your organization against the serious financial damage done by these demands and lawsuits is Employment Practices Liability (EPL) insurance. EPL coverage has never been more affordable, and the application process itself helps identify areas of vulnerability that can be eliminated by establishing appropriate procedures. Insurers now include value-added loss prevention services to help organizations reduce the serious risks inherent in doing business today.

We can help review your current HR procedures, obtain quotes, and decide which policy represents the best value for your organization. Call us today at 800.213.9593 or e-mail us to learn about our upcoming seminars on Employment Practices Liability issues, problems, and solutions.

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