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We don't give you data, we provide you with useful information.

Typical state "bureau" or NCCI mod calculation
The report you're used to seeing is difficult to read and hard to understand. It's simply data that fails to tell a story. For an example of the typical NCCI experience rating calculation, click here.
Chartwell's ModMasterô report
We think insurance buyers need to see useful information. Armed with a better understanding of your loss experience, the three year cost of specific claims, and the potential three year premium savings from investing time and money into improving your operations, decision makers can begin to make informed, rational decisions. If you could invest $50,000 to eliminate claims and know that your payback was $62,000 a year, wouldn't you make the investment? For an example of the effect of your "controllable mod" on your annual premium, click here.

For an example of the report we provide to our clients, and which is based on the same data in the NCCI report, click here.

Don't want the detail? For an example of an Executive Summary, click here.

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